The Selection Criteria of the QIP

To qualify to the QIP, you must meet the following requirements:


Demonstrate a level of 7, oral skills, on L’Échelle Québécoise de compétences de langue française.

Education level:

Detain a minimum of a Secondary School Diploma, or its equivalent in Quebec.

Net worth :

Have at least CA$ 2 million obtained lawfully. Net assets of the spouse can be included. 

Management Experience: 

Have 2 years of experience acquired within the 5-year period preceding the submission of the QIP application.

Hybrid Investment:

Once your QIP application has been approved by the authorities your must proceed and make a term-investment of CA$ 1 million, reimbursed after 5 years, and a non-refundable financial contribution of CA$ 200,000.

Stay in Quebec: 

Once you receive your Avis d’intention de sélection du Québec, you must stay in Quebec for a duration of 12 months, of which at least a 6-month period must be accumulated by you, while the other  6-month period can be accumulated by you or your spouse.